BORN THAT WAY receives Production Funding from Screen Ireland.


We are delighted with the news this week, that SCREEN IRELAND are supporting our Feature Documentary BORN THAT WAY with a Production Funding grant loan. This is a huge vote of confidence for the project.

We are also confident RTÉ will put the project forward for the next BAI/Sound & Vision round – likely to be in April/May.

Our campaign to raise funds from private sources is also gaining momentum, with over €40K pledged and partially delivered now. The campaign will step up another gear in the coming weeks.

We are now affiliated to the Filmmakers’ Collaborative in Boston with our own project page here: Please note that donations through this page are only for US contributors who wish to get a tax rebate on their donation.

All other supporters, who do not wish to avail of a US tax-deduction, can make a Paypal donation directly to . Be sure to choose the ‘For friends and family’ option for the transaction or you will be charged a fee by PayPal.

With our director and co-producer Éamon Little leading the way, with our Exec Producers Aideen Kane and Chris Little, we are making great headway!!!

And, there is now a facebook page for additional information on Patrick and the film;